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FedEx to apply pre-Christmas surcharges to counter 'bad' packaging

SDI Logistics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2017

 CHRISTMAS surcharges are under consideration at FedEx Express to penalise "bad habits" in packaging, says transport consultant Satish Jindel, president of SJ Consulting Group, Pittsburgh. 

"FedEx surcharges will apply directly to all those packages that are oversized or require additional handling as a result of shipper negligence," he said.

The express delivery company said holiday surcharges would be applied if packages require additional handling, are oversized or "unauthorised", reports IHS Media.

From November 20 to December 24, US and Canadian shippers using FedEx Express and FedEx Ground will be hit with an additional $3 surcharge for additional handling, a $25 surcharge for oversized goods, and a hefty $300 surcharge per package for unauthorised shipments.

"Oversized shipments are almost 90 per cent due to bad packaging habits," Mr Jindel said. "It's a function of cube, not weight."

He recently had an example when a distributor shipped him a 12-cubic inch product in a 900-cubic inch box. "They put a small box in a bigger box."