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China - Lunar New Year Holidays Early Container Yard Opening For Shenzhen And Nansha

SDI Logistics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 27, 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be informed of the following arrangement for container yard (CY) opening at Shenzhen and Nansha during the Lunar New Year Holidays, applicable for Intra-Asia Shortsea and Oceania trades.

/ Voyage Full Name
Opening Date
Opening Date
Yard (CY) Cut-Off Date
Gross Mass (VGM) Cut-Off Date
JTVAPL CAIRO 893WSHEKOU, SCT4 Feb28 Jan10 Feb10 Feb 1200hr
JTVAPL PUSAN 053WSHEKOU, SCT11 Feb4 Feb17 Feb17 Feb 1200hr
JT2TS BANGKOK 008WSHEKOU, SCT4 Feb28 Jan10 Feb10 Feb 1200hr
JT2TS TOKYO 004WSHEKOU, SCT11 Feb4 Feb17 Feb17 Feb 1200hr
CS3HANSA ALTENBURG 011WSHEKOU, SCT8 Feb30 Jan14 Feb14 Feb 0400hr
CP1TILLY RUSS 014WSHEKOU, CCT7 Feb4 Feb13 Feb13 Feb 0600hr
CP1TILLY RUSS 014WNANSHA6 Feb3 Feb12 Feb12 Feb 1200hr
CP2IONIAN EXPRESS 807WSHEKOU, CCT8 Feb5 Feb14 Feb14 Feb 0800hr
CP2IONIAN EXPRESS 807WNANSHA7 Feb4 Feb13 Feb13 Feb 1200hr
CP3TRF PRAIA 271WSHEKOU, CCT10 Feb6 Feb16 Feb16 Feb 0700hr
CP3TRT PRAIA 271WNANSHA9 Feb5 Feb15 Feb15 Feb 1200hr
CP3NAVIOS SUMMER 273WSHEKOU, CCT17 Feb8 Feb23 Feb23 Feb 0700hr
CP3NAVIOS SUMMER 273WNANSHA16 Feb7 Feb22 Feb22 Feb 1200hr
CS1CMA CGM SWORDFISH 006WSHEKOU, SCT31 Jan28 Jan6 Feb6 Feb 1800hr
CS1WAN HAI 502 089WSHEKOU, SCT7 Feb3 Feb13 Feb13 Feb 1800hr
KCSSSPAN VANCOUVER 003WNANSHA8 Feb5 Feb14 Feb14 Feb 1200hr
KCSJPO VELA 003WNANSHA15 Feb6 Feb21 Feb21 Feb 1200hr
CA2PATRAIKOS 709SSHEKOU, SCT1 Feb29 Jan7 Feb7 Feb 0100hr
CASCAP FRIO 663SYANTIAN4 Feb1 Feb10 Feb10 Feb 1200hr
CASCAP FRIO 663SNANSHA2 Feb31 Jan8 Feb8 Feb 1900hr
CA2YM EFFICIENCY 109SSHEKOU, SCT8 Feb4 Feb14 Feb14 Feb 1900hr
NZ2OOCL SAVANNAH 319SSHEKOU, SCT6 Feb4 Feb12 Feb12 Feb 0600hr
CASMSC ANYA 759SYANTIAN11 Feb2 Feb17 Feb17 Feb 1200hr
CASMSC ANYA 759SNANSHA9 Feb2 Feb15 Feb15 Feb 1900hr
CA2YM PORTLAND 089SSHEKOU, SCT15 Feb6 Feb21 Feb21 Feb 0100hr
NZ2CPO SAVANNAH 207SSHEKOU, SCT13 Feb4 Feb19 Feb19 Feb 0600hr

Please contact your local APL representative if you need any assistance. We thank you for your business and continued support.